The book Ecological Modelling and Engineering of Lakes and Wetlands‬  was published by Elsevier in 2014, in which the study of PKUWSL was included as below:

Chapter 15: Exploring the Mechanism of Catastrophic Regime Shift in a Shallow Plateau Lake: A Three-Dimensional Water Quality Modeling Approach

Rui Zou, Yuzhao Li, Lei Zhao, Yong Liu

A 3D hydrodynamic and water quality model was developed for Lake Yilong,
China, to reveal the underlying mechanism of the catastrophic regime shift in the
lake ecosystem. The model accurately reproduced the observed water surface
elevation, water temperature, and nutrient and algal conditions, indicating a
reasonable numerical representation of the actual hydrodynamics and
eutrophication dynamics in the lake. Besides that, the macrophyte module in
EFDC was enhanced to better resolve the vertical light-nutrient–phytoplankton–
macrophyte interactions, and a gross fish grazing parameterization was introduced
to represent the impact of fish on macrophyte dynamics. The model-simulated
water quality status was consistent with the observed data in both trend and
magnitude, suggesting that it might be used to explore themechanisms underlying
the catastrophic regime shift and environmental management of Lake Yilong.
 The model results showed that the existence of aquatic vegetation had significant
impacts on algae blooms in Lake Yilong. The observed algae bloom
intensification in 2009 was caused by the reduction or disappearance of the
aquatic vegetation. The model results suggest that the fish stocking is a key
factor causing eutrophication and catastrophic regime shift in the lake. The
modeling study indicated that the lake ecological system is fragile with regard to
the impact from human activities, therefore, wise planning and intelligent
analysis of human activities are necessary to assure the health of lake ecological
systems. To serve such a purpose, the mechanistic water quality modeling
approach provides an effective tool for quantifying natural and human activities
and their impact on lake ecosystems.

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