This course is one of the compulsory ones for undergraduates in Environmental Science (focusing on management field), and is designed to mainly enable the students to acquire the basic theories and methods on environmental planning, to understand the developmental trend of environmental planning, and to develop the basic ability to engage in environmental planning. This course involves the theoretical basis, technologies and methods of environmental planning, comprehensive environmental planning, as well as cases analysis.

The course contents include review, theoretical basis, technologies and methods of environmental planning, water environment planning, atmospheric environment planning, land use planning, management planning for solid waste, urban environmental planning, watershed environment planning, ecological urban planning and the support systems of environmental planning decisions. More specifically, the course is divided into 12 chapters:

1. Environmental Planning: Concept, Principles, Challenges, and Potential Solutions

2. Theories for Environmental Planning

3. Procedures and Steps of Environmental Planning

4. Methodology Framework of Environmental Planning

5. Water Environmental Planning

6. Atmospheric Environmental Planning

7. Land-use Planning

8. Solid Waste Management Planning

9. Urban Environmental Planning

10. Eco-city Planning: Concept, Methodology, and Case Study

11. Environmental Planning at the Watershed Scale

12. Strategy Supporting System of Environmental Planning